miodao.at FAQs

What makes miodao.at different from other booking portals?

Our goal is to provide you with relevant information about an address or a destination. Regardless of whether you would like to find and book a hotel, looking for a restaurant and would like to reserve a table, or simply just want to explore the surrounding area.

What makes us special is that we automatically suggest highlights in the area when you are looking for something speciefic. On miodao.at you receive more information than elsewhere, both on a map and as a list.

Is miodao.at also available for other countries?

At the moment, only the German version is online. We are however working hard and have begun work on additional portals for other countries or transnational portals. These will be available soon.

Is there an app for miodao.at?

At the moment, not (yet). But we also have this option on the horizon and are checking whether, and when, we can start creating it.

Are bookings secure?

Regardless of whether you are booking hotels, reserving tables etc. with us, we work with reputable and well-known providers. These providers are e.g. booking.com, HRS, Ticketmaster, and more. By clicking on “Book Hotel”, for example, you will instantly be directed to the provider’s landing page and can continue your booking with a company which is renowned in their area.

Will other partners be added?

Of course! As we would like to provide our users with the widest range of offers possible, we are currently negotiating with other providers or already in the process of adding their services. These partners are either from completely new areas for miodao.at (we can easily imagine including flights for example) or from existing categories, such as tickets, to expand the options for our users.

Why do the boxes “The best in your area” and “Top 5 boxes” only sometimes show tips?

We use a defined radius around your address, which is determined from your location services or your input. We then locate interesting events, hotels, museums etc. within this radius and show you three or five search results. If none are found, or only a few, the search results remain blank or only the few results located will be shown. The reason for this is that we do not want to provide you with results which are probably too far away.

Why are no prices shown, in the evening for example, for some petrol stations which I know of?

That is because we only show prices for petrol stations which are currently open. One reason is a cartel office regulation (Market Transparency Unit for Fuels); but of course we would also like to only show current information.
What do I do if I have any further questions?

If you have any further questions, simply get in contact with us by phone or using the form. We will reply promptly!

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