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There are many portals which compare offers, search for good-value providers, or find good prices. But from where we’re standing, that’s not enough! The question of ‘where?’ is much more complex and the correct answer must suit you and your needs.

miodao.at puts itself in your shoes and points out offers which match your search. Simple, quick, and helpful. miodao.at doesn’t just show you the best hotel prices. miodao.at gives you the chance to find the right hotel within your desired radius, suggests the best restaurants in walking distance for the evening ahead, and shows you what else you can do this evening. The search and booking processes are clear and simple. Would you like to withdraw money for the evening? No problem! On miodao.at you can find cashpoints in the area. Arriving by car? Check traffic beforehand with miodao.at.

miodao.at is your scout.

We are constantly improving the portal and learning from your wishes and experiences. Do you have any questions, suggestions, ideas, or criticism? Help us to make your portal even better and contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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